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Meet Andrea!

*Andrea turns 10 in August (2017) and was adopted internationally 2 years ago along with two younger biological siblings. Andrea and her siblings endured such trauma together before the adoption that Andrea is unable to heal while still in contact with these siblings. Her family has made the difficult decision to give her this opportunity in a different family environment. Andrea needs a new adoptive family who has no other children under age 15 (and no boys living in the home at all). If you fit this profile and are interested in adopting her, please contact us for her ‘full profile’. We would love to share our process of being approved for a Second Chance adoption with you!

Andrea loves the outdoors—swimming, running, boating, biking, camping and hiking. She is learning to ice skate too! She excels at swimming where she displays both strength and agility. She is an active child who also likes dancing, cheering, and tumbling. Given some adult direction, Andrea excels at imaginative tasks…she especially enjoys anything that has a ‘building’ component. She enjoys cooking and baking and is learning to read and follow moderately complex recipes. She watches cooking shows and can recreate what was cooked. She is a bit of a performer—always willing to put on a show and dance or tell jokes. She laughs easily and loves to be silly and playful. Andrea’s creativity shows in her art and sewing projects. She is always ready to help someone else in need, especially if they’ve been hurt or need help. Her adopted mom says she’s “Johnny-on-the-spot” whenever someone gets hurt or scared—she wants to nurture and care and love others. She has a nurturing side that is sweet and special”. Andrea is a brave and resilient child! She is becoming more self-reliant and taking pride in her appearance, and in a job well-done.

Andrea sees a whole new world for herself here in the U.S. She sees opportunities she never imagined before her adoption. She wants to make good decisions, wants to make friends, wants to trust that a family will look after her and help her make those good decisions. Above all, Andrea has the capacity to learn, trust, and connect with a family. She wants to be in an environment where she can be happy and loved. She knows that her behavior and determination to heal is instrumental in creating that environment. She is an intelligent girl—she has always found a way to survive and now she wants to thrive.

Andrea will be in the 4th grade this fall and is a wonderful student. She loves school and is smart! She knew no English when she was adopted and has successfully tested out of ELL (English as a second languages classes). Andrea is on grade-level in almost all subjects and does well in everything except spelling. For spelling she is a grade or two behind, and this is because she doesn’t want to ‘think’ about how to spell. Her favorite subject is math. In school, Andrea had a safety plan concerning contact with her sisters. As we so commonly see with adopted sibling sets, the eldest child typically ‘parents’ the younger kids, and has a very difficult time relinquishing that behavior when an adoption occurs. This ‘control’ of the younger siblings has proved impossible for Andrea to let go of, and is one main reason her family is seeking a different adoptive environment for her.
Andrea is a typical 10 year old—she is respectful and appropriate around others both in public and at home! She acts safe and loving around the family’s cat. Her family feels that having a dog would be a great therapy connection for her. She sleeps well at night and has never wet the bed. She understands responsibilities at home like chores and enjoys them.

Andrea makes and keeps friends. She has one best friend in school and several other girls she enjoys playing with.

Andrea’s relationship with her adopted parents is good—she calls them Mom and Dad, says she loves them, and enjoys hugging them. She also has developed a good attachment to her maternal grandmother whom she has lived with for the past 9 months. Her relationship with her bio siblings was very unhealthy, and why her family has made this most difficult decision to find another more appropriate family setting for her.

Second Chance feels that a new family for Andrea shouldn’t have any other children under age 15, and no boys at all in the home. Andrea would benefit from having both a mom and dad to interact with, so no single parents will be approved for her. Due to Andrea’s abuse by men in the past, we feel it is important that she have the opportunity to develop a positive healthy relationship with a father-figure. Do you have what it takes to help Andrea continue to heal and grow?

This is a private adoption, so a state or foster home study might not work. A state authorized private domestic or international home study is generally required. If you have never had a homestudy done before, we cannot help you adopt this child. We would love to tell you how to get started with a homestudy so you can be considered in the future for another child. Please write to us! Due to state laws, we are not able to place this child in CT, MA, or DE. If you live in OR, the adoption will have to be finalized in Andrea’s state. So this means you will likely have to go to her state twice, once to get her and again to finalize.

Adoption is a legal process so there will be costs associated. This adoption qualifies for the IRS Adoption Tax Credit.

Contact us at [email protected] if you think you would like to adopt Andrea.

*not this child’s real name: we never use the child’s real name online to help protect his/her privacy!


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