Journey of Hope adoptions

These are the faces that haunt me. I met every one of these children at the April, Anhui Journey of Hope Camp. For the most part these children knew why I was there–to show them in their best light and help them find a family when I returned. While I did not verbally promise any of them I would find a family, I did make a promise in my heart that I would not stop trying to find them a family. Many of these children performed dances,sang songs, showed pictures, math or writing homework, anything to let me know that they could be a wonderful addition to any family. Some have special needs – “labels” – that sound scary when in the fact the need may be milder or the need is just a small portion of who they really are. Please take a look at these photos and if there is one that “speaks to your heart”, please let me know. Remember, there are other ways to help these children besides adoption. Advocacy on social media is one of the best ways to help these children find a home. Other ways you can help are to contact your friends, family, church members, neighbors and community. Contact: [email protected] for more information. Grant funding available up to $2500 for qualifying families.


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