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Zane has a very, very sad story and urgently needs a family educated in abandonment and abuse.  Zane was born in November of 2009.  Zane was living with his mother who then left him and took his sister and could not be found. His father was hospitalized for a serious condition.  Zane was then living with his grandfather who was weak and sick.  The family had financial difficulties and did not have the capability of raising him.  During December of 2016 a police officer came and took him from the family.  He smelled strongly and had numerous soybean-sized scars from his hands to feet, some of which were bleeding. He scratched at times due to itch. Because nobody took care of him since he was young, he often ate and lived with the dog. The sores were caused by a flea infestation.  When they brought him to the orphanage, the caretakers helped with creams to heal the sores.

After several days of being in the orphanage it was found that Zane was distracted, restless, irritable and could not obey the rules.  He was undisciplined and wanted everything first for himself.  He ate much and took the best and bullied the younger brothers and sisters.  The staff began guiding him patiently and made an individual plan to provide special care for Zane.

They decided to send him to school.  During the first day he was strange with the school, teacher, classmates and discipline. He did not know how to get along with others.  He did not know how to control himself and obey the class rules. The welfare institute received the complaints from the school after several days. In order to make him go on with the compulsory education, the welfare institute stated special circumstances to the school and asked that they sincerely work to correct his habits through common efforts. The welfare institute took him to the hospital for tests on Sep. 5 2017 and the diagnosis was social maladjustment.

The doctor suggested strengthening social support, encouraging emotional expressing and practicing social skills in the school. Our institute also adjusted the parenting methods positively according to the diagnosis.  They sent him, picked him up and accompanied him with special person to school and made him participate in various activities. Presently he attends the elementary school and is in grade two.  As to the academic aspect, he calculates fast, but he makes mistakes easily due to carelessness. Pinyin is quiet difficult for him. Doing homework gives him a headache. He likes to play games with other children and likes caring  for his young brothers and sisters.  He likes staying with the caretaker and doing what he can.  He is clumsy, impatient and makes mistakes at times but has greater improvement than when he was admitted.  He accepts criticism.

During the institutionalization, the welfare institute took him to visit his father often. Zane had some resistance every time. He said his  father  did not take the responsibility of being a father since he was young and did not took good care of him. They did not have much of a relationship. After much guidance, he understood he could not forget the gratefulness for his parents and that he should treat everyone with generosity. His father died on April 3, 2018.  Zane was taken back to his home to meet up with his grandfather and on June 28, 2018 they held a short memorial ceremony at his father’s tomb.  It rained that day.  His grandfather walked with a stick and waddled. His grandfather expressed he could hardly look after himself let alone his grandson.  The police continued to look for his mother.  They later found her living in a boat with two children and not married.  She could not care for him.  Zane has experienced what no child should have to experience.  He has suffered abandonment and abuse and needs a family that can love him as he is and work with him to rise above all of this.


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