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This is Robert.  Doesn’t he have the cutest little face?!  Robert was born March of 2016 and was abandoned when he was one year old.  Sadly, although a CT scan was done and no abnormalities of the brain were found, he was diagnosed as mentally retarded.  When he first was found he had pneumonia, recurrent respiratory tract infections and an immune deficiency. Robert’s report is from July of 2019 and says the following:  Robert was hospitalized when he was first found for 20 days and taken care of by the staff. He seemed very weak in the hospital. He was discharged after treatment. He was placed in the foster family by the orphanage after discharge. He took special high calcium formula. The proper diet was made. He still could not sit up at the age of 1 year, could not hold things with both hands, could not stand with soft feet. Considering his special condition, he was sent to an “Angel House” for rehabilitation on Aug. 23 2017. He had good appetite under the excellent care of the foster mom in the Angel House. He became fatter and had a chubby face. But the caretaker in the rehabilitation agency felt he still had a long way to go compared to other normal children his age. He did not respond well to the caretaker’s instruction. He could understand some simple words and instructions. He was taken back to his original orphanage because of the national children’s examination on May 27 2019. Now he is 3 years old, has delayed development compared to healthy children mentally and physically. Presently he can stand alone against the bed or wall, and can hold the snacks to eat. As to the speech aspect, he can make sounds of “yiya” to express his needs, and can pull things if seeing. The caretaker thinks he is playful and making trouble. He is bossy when the caretaker delivers things. He asks the caretaker again after eating or pulls other kid with one hand and take his snacks with the other hand. Currently his physical development is still far behind compared to normal children.  We hope there is an interested family out there that would like us to do an update to see how he is doing.  I know there is a family out there that could help him reach his full potential!

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Please be aware that children on our waiting list may be under review by multiple families. Additionally, a child’s availability status may change on short notice. Please contact [email protected] for the most up-to-date status of a child.


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