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Xandria is said to be a gentle and well behaved little girl.  She was born August of 2010 and her medical information is from September of 2019.  The update to the medical says that Xandria is willing to share toys and food with her peers. She can get on well with other children and she likes to share her happiness with caregivers.  She likes plush toys, building blocks, cars, singing, listening to music, and performing sign language dance with her upper limbs. Xandria is not taking any medication.  She is undergoing language and gross motor skill rehabilitation training.  Aside from her cerebral palsy and language delays, she also has talipes equinovarus.  She can walk holding a handrail or walker.  She has never had a seizure. She currently participates in special education courses in the orphanage. She can put on simple clothes by herself, and can eat, go to the toilet, brush her teeth, wash her face, etc. She needs help when taking a bath. She can string medium-sized beads, connect lines at three and four points, can draw simple shapes such as triangles, circles, etc. within a specified range, can use blocks to build simple shapes, and can use playdough for simple rubbing, pinching, and pressing. She can use her hands to make, insert, install and disassemble toys.  Xandria’s cognitive ability is lower than that of her peers. She can’t distinguish colors, but she can recognize common items, school items, food, etc. She recites 1-10, but doesn’t know them. She can match numbers and colors.  She can express her needs and ideas in complex sentences with other’s spoken prompting. She can answer simple daily questions, communicate in a simple way with children around her, and make simple decisions herself. Could this sweetheart be the daughter you are looking for?





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