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We are happy to receive an update on our handsome Wilson.  His April 2020 report is as follows:

  1. The medical says he has hearing loss but it seems he can hear at least partially from his old video.
    He can basically communicate normally at ordinary times. He can recite poems and sing simple nursery rhymes fluently. However, the hearing test result shows that the neurological hearing function is decreased during the physical examination. The doctor suggests to equip with hearing aids to delay hearing loss.
  2. Is he taking medication for his heart? Has he had surgery or does he need surgery?
    He has not taken drugs and he didn’t have any surgery. In the past two years, the condition is stable without symptoms of pre-excitation syndrome. The doctor said that if the condition is not serious before the age of 6, there is a possibility of self-healing. It is suggested that the operation should not be done temporarily, and the treatment should be considered after reexamination after the age of 6.
  3. How does he compare to his peers mentally?
    Intelligence test IQ is weak. His learning ability, discrimination ability, cognitive ability, analysis ability, understanding ability are weaker than his peers.






Doesn’t Wilson have a winning smile?!  Wilson was born in August of 2014 and is said to like sports and picture puzzles.  Wilson was abandoned in the neonatal room of pediatrics and suffered from paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia and neonatal hypoxia ischemia damage.  He was in the hospital until October and then was sent to the orphanage.  His report is from September 2019 and says: When Wilson arrived he was thin and small with thin hair.  As he was taken care of at the orphanage, he became stronger.  At the age of 1, he could stand for a while against the wall.  At the age of 2 ½ he could walk alone and use the pencil or crayon to draw pictures.  He could turn the pages of a book and could eat alone.  At the age of 3 he began asking a lot of “why” questions and at 3 ½ began attending Kindergarten.  He became active and restless.  He likes sports, likes showing himself, likes playing picture puzzles and can recognize the triangle and square.  At the time of this report he was 5 years old and could combine a story with his pictures, can use a spoon and chopsticks to eat and can count numbers up to 20.  He can recite three-character classics and likes playing Castle.  Wilson is extroverted, polite and cares for others.  His diagnoses now are  Pre-excitation Syndrome (Pre-excitation is caused by an abnormal electrical connection or accessory pathway between or within the cardiac chambers) 2. Right Cryptorchidism, suggest surgery; 3. mild mental delay; 4. neurological hearing loss. We are questioning the  hearing loss as in one video he is singing to music and when someone makes a knocking sound he turns his head to the sound.   We are working on an update for Wilson. When looking at Wilson’s videos, it’s hard to believe this sweet boy has any issues!  Hopefully with the right family he can receive the care and intervention to overcome them!




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