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Willis is a very popular child.  He has several updates and photos and someone must really want him to find a family!  Willis was born in April of 2014 and was diagnosed as having a deformed/missing right ear and motionally delayed. From his medical he had a very, very rough start at life and was severely delayed at 8 months and a possible syndrome was suggested although nothing confirmed. His most recent update from December of 2018 doesn’t seem to even be the same boy!  It is very positive and he seems to be doing extremely well considering his beginnings.

From his December 2018 report, we understand the following:

Willis is four years old and his measurements are: height: 110.5cm Weight: 20kg Head circumference: 51cm Bust: 55cm.  Willis is said to be a cheerful, lively and lovely boy.  In the welfare home he is the “pistachio” of the mothers.  They all like him a lot.  He will give food to the other children.  If the children do not do as they should he acts like a “little adult”.  No matter where he is he “defends” the other children or those around him.  Even if his mother secretly gives him a piece of candy he will say she needs to give it to all.  He often helps his mothers do what he can such as pushing carts, handing things, giving meals to the children and sometimes helping his mother wipe the floor.  He has good living habits and gets up in the morning, washes and puts on his clothes.  He likes to play with puzzles, play cars, plush toys, etc. He can run, jump, and go up and down the stairs. He is very interested in new things.  He is quite the sportsman and enjoys boxing, pitching, billiards etc.  Willis goes to school in a rehabilitation institution along with two very good friends. He especially likes to interact with his teacher.  His language is rich but sometimes he needs words repeated as they are not always clear.  His emotional intelligence is very high and he will often go to the dean’s mother and tell her “I miss you my mother, I love you.”  Of course this makes all the mothers like him.  He was riding to an appointment some weeks ago and his mother braked sharply and put out her arm to prevent him from going forward.  He said to her, “mother you don’t need to stop me, your arm will get tired, and besides I am wearing a seat belt!”  She was surprised at the  knowledge and expression of a four year old.  In the past six months alone he has made great progress.  Now he can go up and down the stairs alone, and his feet will alternately jump, and he can jump off the ground with his feet. He can catch the ball thrown by others, he can ride a bicycle, will sing simple children’s songs and count can count from 1 to 40!!  This charming child has really defeated the odds!!  Won’t you consider this cheery boy for your family?!!





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