Watson ***UPDATED***


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We are happy to have received an update for sweet Watson.  Below are answers to questions asked.

1.When did he last have an episode of epilepsy? Epilepsy has not occurred in the past two years.
2. Is he taking any medication? He doesn’t take any medicine.
3. Is he attending Kindergarten? He is attending special education class in the orphanage.
4. Is he speaking in full sentences? No, he can’t speak.
5. Can he count 0-10 or more? No.
6. Can he sing a song or recite a poem? No.
7. He does he compare with his peers? Compared with his peers, his physical development is normal but his mental development is obviously delayed.
8. What is his personality? He’s autistic and can’t speak. He only has sports interaction with nannies. He likes holding nannies’ hands to jump or run. He can’t understand any instructions. He can’t eat, drink water or go to the toilet on his own.  He uses diapers. He likes to take a towel with him.





This little guy is Watson.  He was born January of 2015.  Epilepsy not excluded is his diagnoses.  He has an update from December of 2018 and it says the following:  Watson can now walk, trot, and climb up and down from the bed with a handrail.  He can pick up toys and play with them.  He likes to hold a towel quilt.  He is not pronouncing now.  He is not afraid to be cleaned up.  He likes to play in the activity room.  He has had an unknown number of seizures since he was one year old.  He has only a few seizures in the past two years (2016 and 2017) and in 2018 he had no seizures and is not on any medication.  During his seizures, his hands and feet twitch for ten seconds and then stop.  Normal brain activity was shown during test mapping.  We have requested an update and will post here when it arrives.  Wouldn’t you love to see Watson with that little pout living in your home?!

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