A WIA specific grant may be attached to the adoption of this child. The grant is in the amount of $2,500. Please talk to Kathy Junk about eligibility requirements.

Viktor was born in October 2003.

Viktor is radiant, active, independent, observant, clearheaded, and cautious. He has good self-esteem. Extroverted – at an average level.He shows interest towards new things, he is curious. He is independent and is well oriented in everyday situations. He shows an interest toward art activities – paining, applied activities. He says he would like to be adopted with his brother Deon.

Both brothers are aware of the adoption process and both of them are more than ready to find their forever family. Both of the boys expressed their willingness to be adopted, and both of them want to be adopted together.
Viktor is a 13 year old boy and he is in seventh grade. Last school year he finished with good marks. He can count to 12 in English and he also knows part of the English alphabet and several words – fruits and colors, he also can introduce himself.

Viktor tells stories very well and consecutively. He reads very well, even unknown text without preliminary preparation. Victor is very talkative and open child. In the beginning of our conversation, when we were just introduced to him, he was a little bit shy but answered all my questions. He answered all questions with respect, well-mannered, with full sentences. He explained us about their last trips to the seaside and the mountain in the summer. He really enjoyed it there. He has friends and usually likes to hang out with them, go for walks and play different games. As to words of the director of the orphanage, Victor is good child and does not cause problems. He likes to be leader and kind of manipulates his friends but in the limits of the normal.

His favorite activities are: basketball, soccer and handball. At school he practices basketball but he really would love and dreams for swimming lessons. Actually this is one of his dreams – to learn to swim. Viktor likes to cook and wants to be a chief when he gets older. He already can cook several Bulgarian traditional meals. Victor also likes to draw pictures (on the video you can see one of his pictures that became part of the orphanage calendar), listens to music, to watch TV, Facebook and Youtube.

Viktor likes animals – especially dogs and rabbits : ). His favorite foods are: rice with chicken, Chinese rice, cream soup with crotons and tarator (Bulgarian cold soup with yogurt, cucumbers and dill). His favorite fruits are banana, kiwi and watermelon. He likes tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots. Favorite drink – banana juice. He likes sweets but prefers salty things. He shared that he does not like to eat cabbage, green beans and peas – but sometimes can eat it.

About daily-life skills, Viktor has mastered all basic hygiene habits. He shares a room with his brother (when he comes back for the vacations) and one more boy. Usually they clean their rooms by their own. While we were in the orphanage he showed us his room – it was clean and ordered. Even that he was not prepared that we would wish to visit to his room. He shared with us that usually he makes more mess than the other boy he lives with but he cleans after that.

On my question if he dreams for something, his first answer was a family. In a minute consideration he added: “I dream for a nice future”, when I asked him what this includes, he said: “work, home, wife and two children”.

Viktor is a very positive, smiling, bright and smart boy. He was very open and talkative during our visit. I think that he is very smart boy but not motivated for the learning process. Although that it seems that he realizes how important the school is in order to have a “good future”. I think that Victor is really intelligent boy, who sometimes is lazy, but he just needs motivation. I am really surprised how preserved he is, having in mind the orphanage, which he is placed in.

Both boys are very handsome and smart. I really hope that they will find their family no matter of their high age (12 and 13). They really want to have their own family, who will love them unconditionally, a family who will help them to have the best future that they could have. I think that both Victor and Dian really have very good potential for development. Sometimes the children at that age (even children in a family) need motivation, encouragement and support to be the best that they could be. I am sure that with two boys at this age there will be some challenges, although not serious. I think that they are very good children and they would not cause any serious problems. Until this moment they are preserved intellectually, even that they do not live in the best environment. Both of them do not cause any serious problems and are very good, clean and neat children. Victor and Deon wait with the faith that soon their new family will show up, save them and give them the love and care that they deserve and need!!!

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