Vasili was born in June 2010. He has cerebral palsy and strabismus (crossed eyes)

Vasili catches objects with whole palm and throws them. He implements instructions from the type “take and give”. He can hold simultaneously objects in both hands. The forefinger is involved in catching. He has fine tweezers grip, can leave marks on the paper with pencil and marker. Places cubes one over another and builds a tower of 3-5 cubes. He has developed motor skills to contribute to the successful execution of precise and low amplitude movements. Leading is the left hand, its movements have better coordination. He is able to embed puzzles but needs help.

– Interests – Likes to listen to music and shows a desire to dance. He easily fits into the rhythm of the music. Interested in various toys and role games. He loves to listen to children’s songs and stories and watch Puppet Theater. He likes the game naming the objects, animals and plants. Shows interest to all type of activities, which is consistent with his potential and abilities.

7. Orientation in human relations (with peers, with adults):
– With peers – noted expressions of interest to them, as well as stimulating a contact with them. The contact with the children is a positive one, he laughs out loudly and looks forward theirs attention. He likes when around him there are other children and shows an active desire for a joint game.
– With adults – persistently seeking for attention and contact with adults. He loves to be caressed and cuddled. Carried out a joint game with an adult by passing a ball or objects. He likes joint games in any forms. Shows sympathy to the staff of the daily center for the children with disabilities.

8. Game activities (playing skills, preferences (alone or with peers), participation in plot and character games): His game is object-manipulative. Manipulates with objects and toys on their purpose. Imitates shown activities. He has formed elementary skills for play with other children and toys. Shows great interest to play with cars and constructor.

9. School activities (knowledge, skills and competences of the child / student; preferred subjects and activities; difficulties in the educational process): The child attends specialized group in the kindergarten, where special pedagogue, psychologist and speech therapist are working with him. The child is interested in activities with toys. He holds his attention for short time on a task. Interested in other children. He likes to play with musical and flashing toys. In the daily center for the children with disabilities with the boy individually work special pedagogue, psychologist, rehabilitator and speech therapist.

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