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Meet Valerie!

*Valerie just turned 11 and is in the 4th grade.  She was adopted 19 months ago from a European country by a family with one older adopted boy.   We are working with her family to find a new adoptive family for her.  We think she will do great in a large busy family who has a good framework for structure and respect.

Valerie loves to be around people and is kind to others.   She also loves animals.  She loves soccer, swimming, biking, roller skating–any activity where she gets to be outside and active!  She is described as a go-getter who loves to stay active and busy.  This works well at home where she always wants to get her homework done as soon as possible!

Valerie plays the flute in music class at school and enjoys music.  She is well-groomed and cares about cleanliness and her appearance. 

We have more information available about Valerie. Please email us back if you would like to see copies of her additional records and learn more about her. Email [email protected]

We cannot place a Second Chance (SC) child into a home that already has children within 2 years of the SC child’s age.  For Valerie, this means no other children in the home between the ages of 9-13.  We may make an exception for a 1 yr age difference if the family has had prior older-child adoption experience.

This is a private adoption so there will be fees associated with it.  Due to state laws, we are not able to place this child in NY, CT, MA, MO, or DE.

*We never use the child’s real name to help protect their privacy


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