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Taylor is 11 years old and was originally adopted from Guatemala at age 3. He now lives in GA. He is extremely bright and loves math and science. He also is an avid reader.

Taylor suffered physical abuse, (he has a few remaining scars) and severe neglect from his birth family and, as is the case with nearly all Second Chance children, has somehow blamed his current adoptive mother for his early pain.  Thankfully it has been found that nearly all of these children who resent their adoptive moms do not carry this into a new adoption. He needs a new adoption.

Taylor’s current home situation deteriorated because of Taylor’s deep resentment, so a new home is needed. He is the younger child in a home with two older teenagers. His current family hopes for a new family with younger siblings.  We do not place a child into a home with a child within 2 years of a child’s age, but Taylor should do well in a home with children younger than age 9.

His school teachers like him, but he doesn’t seem to have very many school friends. It is believed that Taylor feels really awkward about being much smaller than the other kids. He will need a family to help him with self-confidence.

Taylor does not care much for sports but according to his dad is a tech wizard and can beat his chess club teacher in 5 moves! However he is in a family and school who are very sports minded. It is hoped that his new family will value education because it is expected that Taylor will one day be college bound.  Besides reading he loves to spend his time building complex Lego structures. He also likes music and participates in his school chorus and plays the drums in a school music class.
Taylor is not on any medication. He used to be on several (which didn’t give him any noticeable benefit) and seemed to also have nightmares and sleeping problems. But once he was taken off all medication, he has had great improvement with sleep.

A new family would want to use an attachment therapist to help Taylor form a healthy bond and also have Taylor followed for help with PTSD caused by the abuse he suffered before his current adoption.
Taylor is about finished with an IEP for speech problems. When he was in Guatemala, his 4 front teeth were pulled due to decay, and his adult teeth were still several years from growing in.  So he developed several speech sounds that needed to be corrected. He does not need an IEP otherwise because he does well academically in 5th grade.

Currently Taylor’s family has had a CPS charge that is being cleared. Taylor stole his brother’s iPad, took it to school, and then at school said he “was scared to go home”. So the school called the county and an investigation began.

It is believed that Taylor would do so much better in a new environment where he can start fresh with a family who is more suitable for him.

Please consider if you can give Taylor a new home with structure, love and time.

This is a private adoption, so a state or foster home study might not work. A state authorized private domestic or international home study is generally required. Due to state laws, we are not able to place this child in NY, CO, CT, MA, NV, ND or DE.

Adoption is a legal process so costs for the adoption are $200 application fee, $3500 agency fee, a lawyer in your state for ICPC and finalization ($2000-$3000) and travel to his state of GA for 3 days to bring him home. This adoption qualifies for the IRS Adoption Tax Credit. Contact us at [email protected]

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