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This spry little boy is Tate.  Tate was born in September of 2016 and has Down Syndrome and PFO.  His file from August 2019 says the following:

Tate is an active little boy. He was about 2months old when he came to the welfare institute.  Under the excellent care of the foster parents, he grows up well. He has good attachment and has good relationship with parents. He smiles when he meets foster parents; he ignores if he is amused by the stranger. He claps his hands when he is happy; he shows his little teeth when he smiles. He is a fun at home. He is an active child; he is happy to dance when there is his favorite music. He is fond of singing and imitating making sounds follow music. Under the guidance of the therapist of welfare institute, foster parents train him consciously in daily life. Now he is able to stand alone for a moment; he can walk with one hand held or with hands holding the support. He is a little adventurer, he always climbs up when he is sitting on the baby stroller. At this time, parents would cuddle him and calls him ” a regular little mischief”; he laughs happily in parents’ arms. He is very interested in the toy. He always wants to stretch his hands out to reach it when he sees a colorful object. In language, he makes sounds of baba; he knows to respond when we talk to him, so lovely.  The foster family says Tate is a “joy” to them and I believe he will be to your family as well.  We would love to request a video and updates of this little guy for a serious family.

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