Sven was born in August 2004.

Sven in short is a charming boy who is currently living in Center of familial type of accommodation for healthy children. At present, at the Center are placed 13 children aged between 9 and 18.

He shares a room with a boy at his age and they get along. There is another friend, who is younger than him, with whom they like to play on a ball, most often they play soccer.

Since being placed in the Center, he has not been visited by his parents, or relatives, or close people.

The latest consultation connected to his diagnosis of Tuberculosis and his successful treatment, is expected to take place in September 2018.

By information from the Director:
Sven was in the process of international adoption about a year and a half ago. The family was from Greece/Cyprus and they had sent him a letter with which they introduced themselves. The future adoptive mother was a doctor. The boy was extremely positive about the procedure and eagerly awaiting the first contact, talking about them as “Mommy and Daddy”. But while waiting for the official referral, a routine medical examination (TB skin test) found Tuberculosis, which was great shock to everybody. As a result, treatment was immediately started, even the boy was in a hospital for a while. During that period, the adoptive parents decided to give up on the procedure. It was extremely difficult to say this news to Sven and he was very, very disappointed and going through this experience was very difficult for him. Despite all the difficulties, he still remains an extremely positive, even optimistic, child!

On information from the Director and from my observation:
– The director said that from a professional point of view, working in this sphere for more than 10-15 years, she has rarely met a child of his age, so motivated and so willing to be adopted!
– Healthy, before being diagnosed with tuberculosis. Before that he has never been ill. He only has atopic dermatitis (which is intensified at certain periods of the year, using different creams and ointments to treat it). According to the director, the atopic dermatitis tends to be provoked mainly by stress as it is mainly observed during the school year and no signs of it during the summer vacation.
– Handsome, charming, with expressive eyes.
– Curious, diligent, writes nicely and fairly correct.
– Go regularly to the handball trainings! There, he is very strict and efficient! His coaches are pleased with him! Follows the regime!
– He has a few friends but true friends.
– Obedient, efficient. Does not create problems! Strict in the learning process. After school, he sits down to write his homework without an invitation, which for the environment he lives in, is extremely rare.
– Keeps his belongings!
– Feeling uneasy in the company of strangers.
– He is a loving person. Hugs the people he is close to.
– Significantly more courteous and nice than most of the children in the Center.
– Trustful;
– Good memory, remembers very fast.
– Very positive.
– When he is sure what he is doing, he is very proud. He has learned to ride rollers alone and is very proud of it.
– He lovers planes and helicopters.
– Loves to draw. At my request to draw something, he tried to draw the Eiffel Tower, saying that he would very much like one day to go and see it in Paris. He knew Paris was in France.
– In addition to the handball, he likes to play soccer as well as to swim and dive when he is at the Black sea.
– Trying to be a leader.
– The previous day, Sven had a birthday. When I asked what kind of gift he would like to receive someday, if he can choose, he answered: a bike : ) He can ride a bicycle but he does not have one.

– Favorite color: green
– Favorite number: 11
– Favorite film: prefers science fiction films
– He can swim, likes to dive
– When we went outside, he wanted to show me his soccer skills. Quite diligent and doing very well. His favorite position is striker! Favorite soccer player – Neymar. At school, they play soccer during the break.

Sven very much wants to be adopted and have a loving family! He would be happy if there were other children in the family.

He loves animals, especially dogs! He never had a pet!

To the question what would made his the most happy, he answered – to be adopted!!

The opinion of the Director of the Center is that Sven deserves to live in a family and that he would definitely feel much better and will flourish. According to her, he has a big potential for development!
According to me, Sven definitely has a big potential for development! He is calm and quiet, positive, he behaves well and is nice and careful. He is a smart child! I keep my fingers crossed that his family finds him soon!!

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