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Sunshine was born in February 2010 and has cerebral palsy.

Sunshine has been received rehabilitation training since January 2015 and she has made great progress in physical mental development and other aspects.
She is able to go down stairs stair by stair by herself with handling the handrail, making her both feet on the same stair firstly and then go down the next stair. She likes to play balls. When she plays a ball, she just plays the ball she holds from the beginning, and she does not take balls from other people, and others cannot play her ball. When children throw balls together, it is cannot be avoided that the balls will mix together, but she will just find the ball she plays. When she was given food to eat, she will hold the bowl with both hands and feed herself with a spoon, and she will put the porridge on the spoon to her mouth whether it is much or less, and her motion is relatively slow. When her mouth is not clean after eating, she will tear some tissue to wipe her mouth, and then she will find the trash can to throw the tissue. She can stretch her hands to say goodbye. When it is the time to do rehabilitation, she will follow elder brothers and sisters happily to go down stairs to take rehabilitation treatment.

Sunshine is not much shy in front of strangers now. She is familiar with the rehabilitation doctors and she is sensible. Every time when the doctor takes her from the baby department to take rehabilitation, she will be willing to follow the doctor. She will be obedient in the rehabilitation room. She is good at imitating some things which are not taught to her by anyone, and we do not know how she learns them. When she sees a cigarette, she will take it and hold it up, and pinch her ear with the other hand and put the cigarette in her auditory faculty, just like an adult and walk around the room, very funny. She will also imitate the caregivers stretching her little finger, and when the caregiver stretches thumb, she will also stretch her thumb too. And when the caregiver makes gestures of “V” or the number of 6, she will do the same. When she finds that she makes a mistake, she will correct it immediately. And she will also fold a small cotton terry blanket just like the caregivers does. When the caregiver trains her to urinate in the toilet, she will pull down her pants when she enters the toilet, and then she squats for a while and then she came out, and she urinates when she stands soon. She is able to put on pants and shoes by herself, although she wears them with inside out sometimes.

At present, Sunshine is not able to speak. If the caregiver gives her a piece beautiful clothes, she will be happy and smirk.

Sunshine is introverted but she has a ready smile. She likes to be in happy atmosphere.

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