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Wonderful Samson is said to be open, warm and polite.  Samson was born November of 2008.  Samson has ocular hypoplasia of the left eye and an accessory auricle (we are requesting a picture of that as it is not in the file). A report from 2018 says the following:  Samson lives in an institution with other children and enjoys helping the younger children.  He likes playing with others on the play ground. Occassionaly he has conflict with others and when he realizes that he is wrong, under the help from caretakers, he would say sorry to that child. Samson’s personality is open, warm and lovely.  He is an extrovert and polite.  He can greet and say good bye to the teachers who he is not familiar with. He is curious to all new things and always trying to figure them out.  He is eager to learn.

Samson can say his name, can communicate by using simple language, can answer simple quesitons from adults. Can recite children song by himself. Can ask questions proactivly, such as: ‘Why? Where did he go’ etc. He can understand and distinguish simple regular antonym, such as: big and small, more and less, on and off, fat and thin, etc. After listening to a story, he can describe the main story line under the instructive quesitons. His pronunciation is not accurate, but can use some fixed pronunciation to replace.

Samson can walk, stand, crouch, run, jump, crawl etc. using large muscle exercise by himself. He can play swing, climb up and down the climbing frame by himself. He can pedal up and down on the tricycle by himself and can pad the tricycle to move forward. He likes constructive toy blocks, such as: snow flake, meganetic blocks. He can use scissors to cut off the simple figure by following the line drawn on the paper, such as: square, triangle, circle etc. Can use chopsticks to pick up round glass bean.

Samson can read number from 1 to 10; can match numbers and object from 1 to 10; can count from 1-50; can recognize his own name; can say names of five figures (circle, heart, triangle, square, star); can recognize round, square, triangle, rectangle; can draw simple figure; can say 9 colors; can distinguish big and samll, fast and slow, light and heavy, long and short, high and short.

Samson can express his emotions correctly. He can say more than two words to descrive his emotion, such as : fun, happy, sad, angry etc. He can appologize when something is his fault and make remediation. Can tell the weather correctly. He can work with other children in same group. He would pay attention to personal safety when in activities; he can take care of children who are weaker than him; he can help adults with jobs such as wipe the table, open door, shut door, etc.

Samson understood when adoption was discussed with him and often asks “When my father and mother will come to pick me up? Where are they?”  Will you be the family to pick him up?


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