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A WIA specific grant may be attached to the adoption of this child. The grant is in the amount of $2,500. Please talk to Kathy Junk about eligibility requirements.

Sami was born in May 2016. He has cystic fibrosis and an ileostomy.

Sami participates in the program “Grandmother and grandchild” program and the lady who takes care of him spends 2 hours daily with him. He is attached to her. They shared that in the presence of his baba and the caretakers from his group he is attached to, he smiles and laughs with voice when teased.
Sami sits with support. He also stands up alone and makes steps with fixed support. Seating is more difficult for him. When put in a walker he makes steps and mostly pushes himself, he is able to reach desired toy by moving with the walker. He also stays upright in the crib.

My impression from this child is quite sad. It is true that he has serious diagnosis – but at the same time he looks so young and tiny. Please, have in mind that he lives in one of the worst orphanages here in the country. He has such big eyes that want to speak instead of him. I really will pray for this young and precious boy to have his best chance for a family, a family who will devote to him, his needs, the progress that could be achieved and the happiness that he deserves. Due to his disease he has spent time in hospitals and we believe that specialists do not work intensively with him, which he desperately needs. He is a loving child and likes adults’ attention, and loves to be cuddled and taken in the laps of the people that he likes. We see a potential in this child but a potential that will require a loving, stable, safe and stimulating environment and a loving family. We pray that a family for this child is found soon!

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Grant funding available to qualifying families up to $2500

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