Royce ***UPDATED***


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We are excited to share an update from June, 2020 on cute Royce.  The following answers to questions were received.

  1. Does he live at SWI or Foster care? He lives at the SWI.
  2. What grade is he attending? He is attending normal grade one.
  3. Is he considered mild, moderate or severe development delay? How does he compare to his peers? He is a normal boy.
  4. What is his learning ability like? Normal
  5. Can he speak in regular sentences? Yes, his language ability is normal.
  6. Is he able to be understood? Yes
  7. Was his buried penis surgery successful? Yes
  8. Does he need any special care because of his surgery? No
  9. Has surgery been done on his palate? Yes
  10. What is his personality? Careful, kind, honest and trustworthy.
  11. Does he wish to be adopted? Yes

Updated Videos:


Wow – look at Royce’s beautiful eyes!!  Royce was born in November of 2011.  His diagnoses was cleft lip and palate – both of which have been repaired and a concealed penis which has also been surgically corrected.  Another child with a late file preparation, Royce just got his file prepared in March of 2019.  So sad no one knew about him until then.  As of that date, Royce is said to be closest to his caretaker.  He is fond of playing with puzzles.  He attends upper kindergarten.  He gets along well with peers.  He is able to have normal communication although his speech is a little unclear due to the cleft lip and palate. In daily life he has strong self-care ability and regular routine. He can finish his homework set up by the teacher and he writes well. He has strong logical thinking and receptivity. He often takes part in the performance of children in Children’s Day. He is fond of singing and dancing and is gentle and generous. He helps the caretaker to take care of the young siblings at times. He is a sensible boy.  Being that he is a sensible boy—wouldn’t it be sensible of a family to step right up for his adoption!!!

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