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This handsome guy is Richard.  Richard has waited ever since he was a baby to be adopted because his paperwork wasn’t even prepared until April of 2019!  He was born November of 2010 so he has been waiting 8 years for a family of his own.  Richard is diagnosed with postoperative cleft lip and palate and a hernia.

Richard has been living in foster care since he was 1 year old.  The foster family is said to treat him as if he were their own.  He has a brother and a sister who consider him birth siblings.  He gets the better care and parenting in diet, living, social communication and school. In the emotion, he has integrated into this family. He is attached to this family psychologically and considers the family as his own family. In the family, he gets along well with family members, neighbors. He respects the old and loves the young, loves labor, has normal self-care ability and is able to wash his socks alone. He helps parents to do something what he can do. He has average communication and can’t speak clearly. He likes small animals; he loves many sports, such as skateboarding, cycling, basketball and football. He has normal physical development.  His Education: in August of 2015, he goes to the preschool class of Central Kindergarten like the peers. In September of 2017, he goes to primary school and is studying in Central Primary School. He has above the average school records in the school, gets along well with teachers and classmates. He respects the teachers and unites classmates. During the school, he wins the award of “School Star” many times and is praised by the teachers and classmates. Since October of 2018, he goes to school in the City.

His physical condition: during the foster, he has normal physical development. Other than congenital cleft lip and palate, he has no other diseases. He has a cold or fever at times. He has normal intelligence development. There is no difference with the peers on his intelligence. His personality: During the foster family and the school, he loses his temper at times and he has introverted personality. Mainly because of his own defects, he has an inferiority complex. For example, he is not willing to talk with others on his own initiative. He is fairly sensible. Overall assessment: he has normal physical development, is in good health, has normal intelligence development and good learning ability. His personalities are obvious. His weakness: get up late, need to reminder of parents. His self-discipline is poor. With ages, there were also changes in his behavior. In the future study, we should strengthen guidance and solve physical illness as soon as possible to enhance his self-confidence and make him grow up healthily.  Please ask about viewing this great boy’s file!

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