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We are very excited to receive this very positive report about our sweet Ria including new photos and videos.  The report says the following:

  1. Does she have an arachnoid cyst as listed in her medical file? No she does not
  2. Do her lips, fingernails and toenails turn blue if she plays hard? No
  3. Is she attending any school? She is attending early education in the orphanage. She likes music and dance.
  4. Can she go to bathroom and clean up by herself? Yes, she can.
  5. What is her personality? She is a cheerful and smiling girl, but she has her own opinions. She likes playing games with children. She is able to tell nannies what she needs. She likes to help nannies and other children if they need it. She can communicate with people very well. She has good behavior habits. She can throw away garbage, tidy up, sweep the floor, close the door, etc.
  6. What are her measurements: head circumference 48.5 cm, chest circumference 52cm, foot length 16cm, height 101cm, teeth: 20, weight 14.6 kg.

9-2020 Videos




Rosy-cheeked Ria was born March of 2014.  She is listed with several heart issues including: CHD, Post-operation VSD, No ventricular shunt, Right heart enlargement, a large amount of tricuspid regurgitation, Severe pulmonary hypertension.  She really needs an update but information from December of 2017 says the following:  Ria has suffered from congenital heart disease and was operated on November, 2014.  She recovered well after the operation.  She is not currently taking relevant drugs.  Her echocardiography was reviewed at six months and one year, and the most recent was on June 2, 2017. She can now understand adult instructions.  She knows when others call her.  She can take care of herself.  She can put on shoes, wash her hands and play with building blocks.  She can move back and forth flexibly.  She can go upstairs with her feet alternately and eat with a spoon. She can speak two-word phrases composed of single words. Currently she is in the preschool education class in the hospital.  We hope that a current update will show she has improved even more.

Video from 2016


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