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Payton is clinically healthy boy who was born in August of 2005.  He lives with a foster family.  A social worker in Bulgaria listed the following information about Payton.  Payton  finished fifth grade in the village with good grades. He said that Mathematics and English are difficult for him and that he likes History and Geography. He went to school later – at the age of eight, because he had previously been abandoned by his biological mother, who had gone abroad and was raised by his grandmother and his biological father, who did not recognize him as his child, who was very old and is deceased now. He lived under extremely poor conditions in a garage with his grandmother and biological father, and did not go to school before a protective measure was taken. The boy has not seen any better conditions than those in his foster family where he has lived for the last 5 years. He started going to school after his placement in the foster family.

In his spare time he prefers to play with his friends mainly soccer and to watch TV, mainly action movies. He says he likes to read books, but when asked what books he likes to read, he replies that he didn’t remember them. Helps at the home – cleaning, shopping. He calls his foster parents “grandparents.” He reports that the foster father is involved in archaeological excavations.

Both the social worker and the foster mother said that Payton is a very nice child. He helps at home and also he helps with his younger foster brother and protects him. He is respected both by his peers and by his teachers at school. His emotions are mainly positive. He easily makes contacts with strangers and easily makes friends. He has a lot of friends, he said. When asked what his reaction is if a friend offends him or is aggressive towards him, he answered that there have been no such occasions and that he has good friends. The foster mother and the social worker confirmed that he is not aggressive. When asked, he said that thus far there have been no things that make him angry. He is able to control his emotions. About his personal hygiene he needs to be reminded. He is always clean and well dressed. The boy likes animals. They have a dog at home; he takes care of the dog and has given him the name Bobby. He is able to defend himself and protects his younger foster brother, the foster mother said.

Payton has some hesitance about being adopted but the social worker said that this is due to the foster family, in front of which Payton does not dare to say he wants to be adopted. The social workers think that if a family appears for him, it will be very easy for him to say yes to the adoption and that at that moment they will work with him for supporting him this this decision.


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