English name:  Packer

Packer is an active and happy boy.  He was born October of 2011.  He is post-operative for right maxillofacial lymphatic deformity. It is also listed HBV-DNA increased.  Packer likes playing on the slide and riding the wood horse at the playground.  He likes chasing around with other children and playing games with them.  This report is two years out dated but at the age of six, the report says he could go up and down stairs himself. He can use his spoon during mealtime.  He can wash hands after finishing the toilet. At age six he was studying at a Kindergarten class.  Packer can brush his teeth, wash his face and pack a bag for himself.  He is learned a lot in Kindergarten including saying the names and usages of daily objects, knowing size, knowing inside and outside, can recognize simple shapes and can count numbers from 1 to 20.  He knows gender, can draw simple patterns and fill in colors. He answers questions proactively in class and is praised by his teachers.

Packer is said to be an open, bright, lovely boy who is talkative and has a ready smile on his face. He can greet working staff when he sees them. He likes to be hugged by adults, can follow instructions from the caretakers and can help doing some housework within his ability.  He gets along well with others.  He also likes imitating, can dance, can sing several child songs and can recite several poems.  We can’t wait to see his updated report.  He seems like a wonderful addition for any family!


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