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This happy young man is Omar and he was visited by our attorney in August, 2019.  The attorney described Omar as a very sweet boy! She said he is a very good and nice boy, very calm and caring. He is smart and loves to learn. He is very skillful and has a lot of hobbies that he practices in his spare time. She believes he would be a blessing to any family that adopts him.

Omar lives with a foster parent who is an older woman and who Omar calls “bab” (grandmother).  The foster family is of Turkish origin and so Omar speaks Turkish and Bulgarian.  He lives in a medium sized village close to a big town.  Omar is said to be well taken care of and the foster mother’s older siblings come home each summer and Omar enjoys spending time with them.

In September 2019 Omar will start 6th grade. He loves to go to school and finished with good marks. He receives help from a resource teacher but he has already made very good progress compared to when he first came into the foster family. His favorite subjects in school are Mathematics, Bulgarian, Art and Sports. His most difficult are History and Geography. His favorite teacher is the Math teacher. Our attorney checked Omar’s  knowledge in Math by asking him the multiplication table and he surprised us by knowing all of it very well by heart!!!  Omar has a lot of friends in the school and in his village. They like to play soccer, basketball, volleyball, hide and seek, tag, to ride bicycles. Omar has a bicycle and loves to ride it.

Omar loves to draw, and he draws very well. One of his pictures was put on the school calendar for 2018. Presently he draws motorbikes. He also loves to make cardboard figures – he takes some cardboard, glue, scissors and just starts inventing things – he builds cars, planes, trains, homes, towers, etc. Everybody shared that Omar is very skillful!!! He favorite sport is soccer. He is usually a goalkeeper and he is even called “goalkeeper No. 1” as he is very good! Omar also likes to play electronic games, and to watch Cartoons – he love Tom and Jerry.

At home Omar helps a lot – he sweeps the yard, washes his shoes when dirty, cleans the windows, helps in the garden by watering the vegetables. He shared that they have tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes and strawberries. He chooses his clothes alone, dresses and takes shower alone.

Omar loves animals but they do not have any animals at home, so he dreams of having a dog or a cat one day.

The foster mother shared that Omar is very good boy and that he never creates problems, he listens to her and helps her a lot, he is very caring person!

When he asked him if he dreams of getting anything, he was very hesitant and kept saying that he has everything but at the end he said that he dreams of having soccer outfit (if possible of his favorite soccer player – Ronaldo) and a radio controlled car.

When he grows up, he dreams of becoming a builder! He wants to build homes.  Omar wants to be adopted and hopes to be adopted soon. He is a little scared of the procedure as he does not understand all the paperwork and said that he would be sad about his foster mother but that is absolutely normal as he is well attached to the foster mother and her family. He definitely has a lot of potential for excellent achievements and great development but he needs a loving family for that and more opportunities that he has now because he lives in a closed and limited environment. We hope he would be lucky to find his forever family soon!!!!!

Here is link to his video:

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