The England Grant of $2500 may be available for qualifying families.

Individualized grant funding for qualifying families may be available through our President’s Grant.  Contact us for more details!

Here is Nelly with the cutest dimples!  Nelly was born in  November of 2012 with club feet and meningocele.  She has had heel lengthening surgery for her ankles as well as surgery to repair her myelomeningocele. Nelly really needs and update as her latest information is from May of 2016.  Her report says: “Nelly is able to sit alone easily, she is able to turn over and crawl.  Her lower limbs are relatively bad in standing function.  Her feet are unable to be on the ground normally and her instep on the ground to support her whole body. Her upper limbs move freely. She is able to try to stand up with holding the bed side with the strength of upper limbs. In fine motion, her hands are flexible and she is able to pinch small objects, play with toys, and hold a pen to draw lines, and so on.

Nelly began to speak when she was 9 months old. When she was 14 months old, she is able to speak “ayi (aunt in Chinese)” clearly. At present, her language development is normal. She is able to speak complete sentences, such as “Aunt LI, XX took my thing away”. She is also able to sing many children songs. The child is smart and lovely. She has her own thoughts and is able to express them. She is able to understand adults’ orders and give response. Overall Nelly’s health is affected by her illness. She is unable to walk freely as other normal children do. She needs to wear diapers. But her mental development is normal. And she has strong desire of the warmth of a family”  Could you be that family?


For more information, please contact: [email protected].   You will be asked to complete a parent eligibility form before any file information can be released.

Please be aware that children on our waiting list may be under review by multiple families. Additionally, a child’s availability status may change on short notice. Please contact [email protected] for the most up-to-date status of a child.


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