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Written by Deborah Gardner – Director of One Heart Bulgaria

“He is not good-looking,” the adoption attorney commented on his file, “and I am scared that this, together with his age, may make it difficult finding him a family. I hope that [someone] will see his inner beauty and strengths, and not only his appearance and age, and I hope that somebody will give him a chance…I pray for that!!”

It is the unfortunate truth that the outer appearance is sometimes the deciding factor in whether or not a child gets adopted. For 15 year old Mitko’s sake, I hope this will not be the case, because in Bulgaria, statistics show that 50% of orphans die by the age of 20. Of those that survive, 50% of them will enter into a life of organized crime or prostitution, as a matter of survival. Many of them get into drugs or commit suicide.

As I looked at Mitko’s file and photos, I too, wondered if his looks would affect his chances for getting adopted…his chances for living or dying…and his chances to finally be loved. Then, I watched his video. I become pretty emotional. He is a teenage boy that loves to play soccer…just like my boy loved to play soccer and just like your boy does too. He loves to study biology and chemistry and wants to go to college and become a doctor someday…just like my 17 year old daughter, who is preparing for college and wants to be a neurosurgeon. He helps cook in the kitchen, just like my 14 year old daughter likes to help cook in the kitchen. But the difference between Mitko and my kids, or Mitko and your kids, is that he doesn’t have a mom or dad. He doesn’t belong to anyone…and he will be on the streets in three short years if he doesn’t get adopted.

Mitko is a sweet boy with a gentle soul and, to me, he is beautiful and lovable. To ME. But what about to the world? This is the stuff that troubles my heart. It never ends, because I am always meeting or learning about a Lili, a Magdalena, a Sneshka, an Ivan, a Geeta, a Sashko, a Boshidara, a Valentina, or…a Mitko. I know I can’t save every orphan, but I can save some of them. And I can help Mitko too.

Can you help me help him? Do you know a family that might take him into their hearts and home? If so, please tell them about sweet Mitko!


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