Mickey and Miro


A WIA specific grant may be attached to the adoption of this child. The grant is in the amount of $2,500.  Please talk to Kathy Junk about eligibility requirements.

Mickey was born in May of 2006.  Mickey is outgoing and loves sports.  Information from his report says the following:

Miro was born January of 2005.  Miro is quite shy but is said to be a charming child.  Information from his report says the following:


The two siblings were born in a family with many children.

Upon a signal submitted to the social service for the total negligence of the children who were left on their own by their mother, they were taken from their birth family and placed in a Center for Family Type Placement of Children.

The kids were abandoned very young, before they reached 3 years of age. They were born in a family with many children and we know for sure that the boys have two older sisters, who are of full legal age – they were initially placed for adoption as a sibling group of 4 – together with their 2 older sisters.

The boys had passed through several institutions: first a home for children aged 0-3 years; next, an institution for children between 3 and 7 years; currently, they are placed in a Center for Family Type Placement.

According to the Director of the Center, the children had not been adopted earlier because of several reasons: until the end of 2009, a child could not be adopted without a notary certified statement for relinquishment signed by the biological mother (which is actually the case of these concrete children). After 2009, when this requirement was no longer in place, the most likely cause would be that the 2 brothers were given up for adoption together with their 2 older sisters, but nobody could found parents for 4 kids. Now, being the 2 girls of full legal age and no longer adoptable, there is this last possibility to find a family for the 2 boys, Mickey and Miro.


Both children are absolutely healthy.


Both children attend school in the morning. In the afternoon they do their homework at the Center. Both children have issues at school because they still strive to cope with the lack of education in their past. Miro is doing better now, but Mickey still struggles with lessons. Our personal opinion is that the children still lack stimuli and a good method for studying.

Miro(who appears as very active and healthy boy) spends his spare time in various activities: he loves sports, playing soccer and tag, as well as watching cartoons and sports. Mickey is quite attached to his bigger brother. He prefers playing outside with his friends.


Both children behave very well, they are good-intended and modest and know how to behave in various situations.

Miro is less talkative and restrained than his brother, especially with strangers. In such situations he feels embarrassed and has difficulties in finding new friends. This is due to his low self-assessment and feeling of insecurity. The personnel of the Center assured us that Miro is a very charming, joyful and active child who is always ready to help the others.

Unlike him, Mickey is more emotional, wayward and self-reliant. He easily communicates with everybody, no matter whether familiar people or strangers. He is curious and prone to asking questions and easily makes friends. The personnel of the Center informs that Mickey is very joyful, not quite hard-working and often involves in conflicts in order to achieve his goals (please, note: he is not aggressive).

Both children have much more capabilities than they demonstrate. They cannot focus upon lessons for longer time and definitely studying is not their strongest side. However, if they receive individual support and the necessary stimulation they would be able to develop their capabilities.

Mickey is a real leader: he loves to win and hardly overcomes a defeat. Miro is much shyer and demonstrates that he is pleased with what he has.

The social behavior of both children is passive – they join all kinds of activities when asked, but they never initiate one. They respect their teachers, the adults and are awed with the knowledge and skills of the other people.


Miro and Mickey stated a desire to have a family of their own where they would feel safe and loved.

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