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Meet Mia!

Mia is an adorable 8 year old girl who was orphaned, with a newborn brother, when both of their parents were killed in a car accident. Mia has had a lot of upheaval in her short life.

Despite her difficult circumstances, Mia is very social, does well in school and does not have an IEP. She is an affectionate girlie girl and likes to dress up, and have her nails and hair done. She is thoughtful and seeks positive attention from adults. At home, Mia is not physically or verbally aggressive, but she just does not seem to connect to her family.

In psychological testing, Mia scores from average to superior in intelligence, problem solving and behavior. Mia never complains but sometimes gets bossy. For this reason, it is felt that she would do best in a home where she is the youngest.

Mia and the other children in the home love to play soccer. Mia also loves to ice skate and skates until she develops bleeding blisters on her feet from the ice skates. In the summer she enjoys riding horses, enjoys gymnastics and also arts and crafts, and is very good at building Lego sets. She is good with pets and animals.

Mia’s parents both work. A two-parent home is sought, and it is hopeful that one parent can stay home, although other families will be considered.

Please consider if you can be the home that this child needs. We have more info available. Contact us at [email protected].

This is a private adoption, so a state or foster home study might not work. A state authorized private domestic or international home study is generally required. Due to state laws, we are not able to place this child in FL, CT, MA, NV, or DE.

Adoption is a legal process so there are costs for the adoption, This adoption qualifies for the IRS Adoption Tax Credit. Contact us at [email protected]


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