Mark is a very intelligent quiet sort of 10 year old boy originally adopted from Taiwan  as one of three siblings.  He did not live with his siblings in Taiwan and was not personally prepared for an adoption.  He was close toIMG_20121031_182726.jpg 5 years old when he came to his current family.

Because Mark had no preparation for an adoption, it came as a total shock to him that he was being removed from the home where he had lived since infancy.  His older brother, also adopted at this same time who had been living in an orphanage, was abusive to Mark and had to be removed from the home early on.

Mark is a sensitive child, who does extremely well in academics.  He likes cross country, and he is also a gifted artist. He loves to draw portraits, animals, cars etc.  He is very creative and likes legos and kinex.  He also loves to read. In a gifted program, he tested 97%.

Shortly after Sandy Hook, talk in among schoolmates led him to idealize that he would like to take a weapon and hurt some people.  This was when he was in a school where he was being bullied by several classmates for his size and who his “real” mother was. His mother was very concerned and took him to the ER who then admitted him to a residential center for a 5 day evaluation (summary available if you ask).  In this evaluation , he was put on Concerta for ADHD and since going on this med, his focus has become very sharp.  They also put him on Prozac for depression because of his trauma of abruptly leaving the foster mother that he loved. He had not realized that many children were actually killed in Sandy Hook, so that realization caused him to stop the weapon talk.

All-in-all, Mark is a kind, extremely intelligent, well-liked, well behaved and well mannered young man.  He tends to select friends who are like he is. His parents moved to a new state, and he is doing much better in the present school.  He just is not bonded to his current family.  He has a lot of anti-adoption feelings directed towards his parents, and he wants a new home. It is felt that he should continue therapy, to help him not become RAD. Being able to start again in a new situation should go a long ways to help Mark be able to feel comfortable.

He loves pets, and it is hoped that when he has a new home he can take his declawed, liter box trained cat who shares his room.  He is very good with all pets.  He should do well with younger children in the home.  His current mother believes that he would be better in a “laid back,  non-assertive” type home, hopefully with at least one stay-at-home parent. His current parents both work, so he is in both before and after school care. He would make a great family member in quiet, easy-going home with pets and other children.

Due to state laws, we are not able to place him in NY, CO, IL, CT, MA, or DE.  If you would like to receive additional information on him, please contact us at [email protected] This is a private adoption, so a state or foster homestudy would not work.  A private domestic or international homestudy by a state licensed adoption agency or adoption social worker would be required.
Adoption is a legal process so costs for the adoption are $200 application fee, $3500 agency fee, a lawyer  in your state for ICPC and finalization ($1500-$2500), and travel to his state of KY to bring him home.  This adoption qualifies for the IRS Adoption Tax Credit.

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