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We are excited to have received an update for Madison including 5 new videos!!  Information from  1-15-20 says Madison can walk alone and does not need a walker.  She is speaking words however they are not too clear.  She can speak and understand what others are saying.  There is no problem with eye contact.  She is attending a pre-school class and is said to be a very reassuring  child in the class.  She can actively interact with the teachers in the activities. She does still need diapers.  Her balance is a little poor and sometimes she walks unsteadily.  She works hard to control it herself.  Her intelligence level is higher than that of many of the children with cerebral palsy.  Doesn’t she sound like she is ready for a forever family?


The England Grant of $2500 may be available for qualifying families.

Individualized grant funding for qualifying families may be available through our President’s Grant.  Contact us for more details!

Little Miss Madison was born May of 2013.  Madison is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and estropia of both eyes.  The information we have for Madison is from July of 2017 and so we will be working on an update for her.  Madison enjoys playing with toys and other children in the activity room.  She likes going to class very much because she can draw pictures, do handcrafts and build toy blocks. Her fine motion of the fingers is developed. She can build a tower of 2-3 blocks and can draw lines. As to the aspect of language, she only can make several single sounds vaguely, but she can point at interesting objects with both hands to tell you her needs She can understand most what you say to her. She wants to communicate with you, but she just can use body language of “nodding, waving head” to express due to dysphonia. After the rehabilitation training her lower limbs are strengthened. Now she can walk for a distance with holding the table and wall. She does not like being held by the stranger, does not like strange and dark places, and feels scared. When she is unhappy or cries, she will calm down when you hold her and comfort her with soft words.  She cannot manage defecation and urination, but can tell the caretaker. She is quiet and shy, active with her familiar caretakers and teachers, feels scared if seeing the strangers and needs time to adapt.  Her teacher says she is kind, active in the class, polite to the teachers, get along well with her classmates.  Please won’t you consider Madison to make your family complete?

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