Lori and Presli


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Meet Lori and Presli.  These sweet girls have had a very difficult life until October 2017 when they were placed in a foster family because of poor living conditions and neglect from their biological family. When asked what their living situation was with their biological family they said, “very bad.”  When the girls were pressed further about their life previouds to coming into their foster family they had tears and did not want to talk further.  Their grandma only came once to visit the foster home and it was to ask for money.  Their mother has never visited.  The foster mother says when the girls arrived, they were very much neglected, not appropriately dressed and undernourished. They did not have any hygiene or social skills. But she said that right now they are independent in their daily toilet and self-care. The foster mother said that they are very good girls. They help her around the house. They do not cause any problems. Sometimes they argue which seems to be the typical sibling relationship. The girls realize there is no possibility to go back to their biological family and they do not want to. Both girls said that they really want to have a better family who will take care of them and will love them. They are more than sure that they want to be adopted. The foster mother reported that the children are very quiet and shy and it is possible to be embarrassed during the conversation with our attorney.  The foster Mom thought that possibly Lori would be more quiet. But during our conversation Lori was much more talkative than Presli. Presli was shy but still answered her questions. The children have adapted very quickly and very well to their new life into the foster family.

It has been found that Lori has myopia in her right eye and vision loss in her left.  Both girls were academically behind when they went to school but both have done as well as could be expected considering their background.  Please ask to read more about the girls and how they are doing now.  They need to know what it is like to live in a family where parents love and care for them.

Their video could be seen at: https://youtu.be/_QymhmVuO7I

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