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Likeable Luke was born October of 2013.  He has been through some difficult surgeries during his young life but is now thriving.  He was born with ambiguous genitalia and anal atresia.  He is currently being treated as a boy at the institute. His anal atresia has been repaired and it is said he now has normal bowel movements.  Link has an update from June, 2020.  The report says  Link is currently taking classes in the Little Sisters Program of the Welfare Institute. The courses mainly include handicraft, art, cognition, sports and other courses. During project activities, the teacher leads everyone in making lanterns together.  When the teacher demonstrated the method, Link looked at the teacher very seriously. After the teacher gave the materials to him, he immediately began to do it. First, he folded a piece of cardboard into a cylinder and glued each one into a circle and then completed the project. Link has made great progress not only in his hands-on ability, but also in sports. During the rehearsal program at the New Year’s party, Link was able to learn quickly after jumping with the teacher a few times and then remembered it.  He had a strong and successful New Year’s performance.  At the welfare institute, the children are expected to take care of themselves.  Link can put on and take off his clothes.  He can eat and go to the bathroom by himself.  Link can also go home by himself.  For example, after school, he will get on the 4th floor of the elevator. When he arrives home, he will change his shoes.  He has normal language communication and expression. His cognitive ability is slightly worse than normal children. Be sure to watch Link’s video.  He is such a happy, outgoing little boy.  We also have many more photos of when Link was a little boy until now.


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