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We have received an update for Lewis for June 2020.  The report says the following:

He is in good health. He does not currently take any medication. He had hernia surgery. There are reports of surgery. He can use his fingers to pick up small items, such as: Mimi shrimp strips, wangzai small steamed buns to eat. He can stand with one hand holding the small bed, the other hand to pick up the toys or small blankets on the bed.  He can stand up from the seat and walk 2 to 3 meters alone. His language development is slow, he can speak clearly at present: “aunt, father, don’t” and “1, 2”. When he is happy, he shouts out familiar children’s name, such as: Lian Jiali. He can make simple 2 step command actions, such as: stand up – walk or pick up the toy to the child.  He is undergoing urine and feces training and has poor ability to take care of himself. He can’t go to the toilet by myself. He is doing the training of defecating and urinating.  He likes to listen to music together, play games together. He especially likes aunt face-to-face communication, every time he smiles very happy.  He has a cheerful personality, loves to laugh. If he sees strangers he shows signs of nervousness. He attends the rehabilitation training at the orphanage. He has been living at the orphanage.





Lewis is said to be a happy boy.  He was born in January of 2016.  His picture is outdated but the video below is more current.  When he was first found,  he was diagnosed with an inguinal hernia.  His body was also weak and he was said to be in a “poor spirit and had thin crying sounds.  After two weeks with a new caretaker  he could smile and his eyes would follow a moving object.  At the time of this report, Lewis was 2 years old.  He will call “father, mother” and can understand simple words.  He likes to grab the toys around him.  “The rehabilitation teacher is working with him on crawling exercises.  His current measurements are , height 92cm, weight 11.0kg , Bust 49cm, head circumference 47.5cm, sitting height 52cm, foot length 12cm, 16 cute teeth (upper 8 lower 8), good physical growth and development. Lewis underwent a comprehensive physical examination  on July 14, 2016.  He was diagnosed with delayed psychomotor development.  Please watch his sweet video and let us know if you would like us to obtain an update.



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