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Leo was born in February of 2018.  He has a skin condition the orphanage lists as borderline epidermolysis bullosa and a post op heart condition. On admission Leo was very weak and thin.  There were bleeding blisters on the skin of his hands, feet and face and part of his toes were adhered. An update from April of 2019 says the following:  The child at present is eating through a feeding tube using breast milk mainly.  There is blistering in the mouth and on the tongue.  Generally speaking his mood is very good and he loves to laugh.  He sleeps well. He can say Mom, Da Da etc. His heart has undergone radical surgery and is back to normal.  His skin at present is okay.  The ankles and insteps of both feet has severe blistering.  No extensive damage was found elsewhere. The sticky stomach tube on the face is easy to peel. His daily skin care method is to take a bath with fresh saline every day, and apply all over the body with anti-itch oil. Use a sterile needle to puncture the foamy area of ​​the body and squeeze out the liquid. Antibacterial ointment is applied to the broken skin and then it is isolated with wet gauze (oil gauze). Apply MEBO scalding cream on the skin without scratches. After that, the whole body’s skin is damaged and covered with elastic gauze to prevent the child from scratching and bleeding. Gastric tube tape is a special tape specially for him. Do you have it in your heart to bring this child home and care for him?  He needs a family soon!



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