Leilani **UPDATED***


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Be sure to check out this update on our sweet Leilani.  The April 2020 report says the following:

  1. Can she talk clearly and respond to questions asked? She can’t talk clearly. She can understand some questions, but can’t answer them.
    2. Has she had a shunt placed for the hydrocephalus? No.
    3. Has the hydrocephalus resolved itself without shunt? Head circumference did not continue to increase.
    4. Has she ever had seizures and if so when, and how many? No.
    5. What is her mental ability compared to her peers? She is behind her peers in mental ability.
    6. Can she go to the bathroom and clean up on her own? Can she do small tasks? Does she understand commands?
    She can’t go to the bathroom by herself. She can do some simple things, such as wearing shoes by herself. She is able to understand some instructions but can’t complete them.
    7. Is she attending any school? No.
    8. How are her motor skills compared to her peers? Can she run, jump, climb etc.
    She can walk, can climb, can jog a few steps, but can’t jump.
    9. Does she have any other diagnoses besides the hydrocephalus that affect her?
    She cannot laugh. Her facial expression is relatively single. It affects her pronunciation and chewing. Now, nanny does oral massage for her every day.





Lovable Leilani was born in July of 2014.  A CT scan revealed minor hydrocephalus but no other concerns with the brain. She badly needs an update which we are working on.  Information from her 2016 update says the following: Leilani is a bright and lovely girl.  She likes to play  with the caretakers and children. She likes beat the floor with a toy. When it makes a sound she laughs aloud. She also likes to sit in the nanny’s arms to listen to her singing or talking to her. She will gaze at the nanny’s face and tap it with her hand when she is pleased. Leilani is able to turn over from lying on back to lying on stomach, then vice versa. When she lies on stomach she can sit up quickly with support of both hands, can also sit alone for a while. She can also babble aloud to communicate with nanny.  Her hands have become strengthened and she can hold a toy tightly, lift a toy and shake it in front of her. When you call her name she knows to locate your position.

In the video the nanny is asking her to find her ear, mouth, etc. uses a block as a phone


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