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Wasatch is excited to receive a great update on Lanis for June 2020.  Unfortunately this orphanage is not willing to provide videos but we do have some great photos.  Lanis is attending grade 2. His school records are not very good.  He doesn’t work hard at school.  He likes to play outside. He physical and mental development are said to be good.  After cleft lip and palate surgery, his pronunciation is not very clear.  We believe him to be a normal boy!


Lanis is a cute boy who was born in October, 2010.  He was born with a cleft lip and palate which has been surgically corrected.  As of May, 2017 the caretakers said the following about him.  He is extroverted. If a stranger hails him, he can respond quickly. He speaks clearly. What he says can be understood even if you do not know him and speak with him first time. He can manage his life and does not wet the bed. Usually he is hardworking.  He can help the caretaker get something and also can help the kids in the same room put on clothes and fold the quilts. He is kindhearted and showing-off. Currently he is in the kindergarten on special education in our institute. Because he is older, he can accept the knowledge quickly, can recite Three Character Primer and Tang Dynasty Poems, and sometimes can sing songs for the children in the same classroom. He can answer the teacher’s questions actively in the class. He is average in math and can count to 10.  He cannot do addition and abstraction. He has leadership ability in the class. He can manage the naughty kids in the class. He can play well with other children after class.  He likes sharing his good things with his mates. He is not choosy with food.  I’m sure Lanis has come even further along in his education since this report is outdated by three years.  We are working on an update and video for him.  Please let us know if you are interested.

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