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We just received October 2019 updated photos and video for Lane!  He looks so sweet!  Be sure to check them out!

  1. Can he follow direction – Yes he can
  2. His report says because of  22q11 gene deletion he may have DiGeorge syndrome(DGS), Velocardiofacial syndrome(VCFS) or Cat eye syndrome.  Does the orphanage believe he has any of these syndromes?

His typical symptom is that the eyes, nose and mouth are obviously smaller than those of normal children, and the distance between eyes is wider.

  1. How does he compare to his peers?

His physical development is thinner compare to his peers. His mental, his sense of balance and his cognitive abillity are not as good as than that of his peers.

  1. What delays do they notice?

His physical and mental development are both delay.

  1. Is he potty trained.

Yes, but he still need diapers during the night.

  1. Is he taking any medication for his heart?  Does the staff believe he will need another heart surgery later? No the staff doesn’t think he will need another heart surgery later.  His heart is normal after surgery.





This little love is Lane.  He was born March of 2015 and he is post-operative for heart disease. His initial report also said “we offered him gene test and the result showed deletion in  chromosome 22q11 region which can cause DiGeorge syndrome, Velocardiofacial syndrome and Cat eye syndrome.”

Lane’s current report is from 2017 and says the following:  The condition of Lane’s heart is very good. Since his surgery he has not had any symptoms of heart disease.  Lane can crawl and he can walk alone, just not with too much stability. He can feed himself finger foods. His language expression development is relatively behind. He can say “mama” (mom), “nainai” (grandma), but he can’t yet say anything else and he seldom speaks. His intelligence development and learning ability are behind his peers, he is about on par with a child just over one year old.

Lane is relatively introverted and doesn’t love to speak. He does not love to smile and is not often seen smiling except for when he is particularly happy.  He tends to like to be clingy, and he likes to be held. He lacks a sense of security.

We are anxious to receive an update to see how he is doing!

His video is from 2017:

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