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Kristopher was born June of 2005. He is in the 7th grade and has lived in the institution for two years.  He was taken from his family environment because of violence and ill treatment from his parents.

Kristopher is an active boy and school regularly.  He copes well with the material and manages to catch up even though he did not attend school regularly before. He actively trains in rowing and is proud of himself in that during training he rows between 8 and 10 km. He likes to play football and often plays at the sports playground of the home. He has attended classes for piano, guitar and other instruments.

Kristopher is well acquainted with the adoption procedure and clearly declares his desire to be adopted. He has seen other children adopted and strongly hopes that will happen for him.  He is not troubled by the language barrier that would exist with his adoption and although he has learned very basic English. he knows the meaning of some words, such as love, play, have, family, want, etc. We believe he will easily cope with this obstacle, because he is highly motivated to be adopted and also the staff at the Home say that as a whole he is very efficient, consistent, hard-working and he participates in almost all planned activities – celebrations during holidays, children’s craft shops, sport events, etc.

He currently lives in a house with ome other boys of his own age. The staff says he doesn’t have any communication problems with other people, on the contrary – he is communicative and good-hearted.  There is no data for hyper-activeness or violence.

As all children, he likes to watch TV, mostly show-programs, сsport events and he re-tells his pleasant memories of his trips from the last two years, organized by the Home such as seaside vacations in Balchik and Primorsko.

The evaluator’s conclusion is that Kristopher is an alive, energetic, relatively inquisitive and active child. In a proper family environment he would mark a significant development as a person and he is fully aware that a successful adoption procedure would open doors for a normal life, despite the difficult beginning that he had.


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