The England Grant of $2500 may be available for qualifying families.

Individualized grant funding for qualifying families may be available through our President’s Grant.  Contact us for more details!

Please meet delightful Kira.  She was born in July of 2010.  Her diagnosis is mild cerebral palsy and she is post op for Achilles tendon release. Her information is from November of 2018 and says the following:  After Kira’s tendon release, she was able to walk.  She learned to speak some simple sentences such as speaking the names of her friends, expressing what she likes as far as hobbies etc.  Now she has improved greatly in her language although she still cannot pronounce some words clearly.  Kira is sunny, very active and warm.  She can make greetings with the teachers. She can participate in the group activities.  She like surprise stories.   She is full of curiosity and often points at the pictures on the paintings and asks the teacher what this is and what that is. She really enjoys the class time in preschool of Half-Sky Foundation. When she is the class monitor, she can help her mates wipe their hands and wash their face.  She can also wash her mates’ milk cups clean.  When the teacher praises her, she pumps her fists, laughs loudly and gets very excited.  She runs freely. She still needs more exercises for fine motion such as stringing beads, buttoning, paper cutting, etc. and still need the teacher’s assistance to finish the task. She is delayed in her language, emotional and mental development compared to her peers. She sounds like a happy child.  We would love to request a video for an interested family!

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