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Jasmine is just like her name – a beautiful flower.  She was born in April of 2015 and is diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome and CHD (ASD).  Her medical information is from June of 2017.  However her videos are new as well as the video of her in a red coat.  April of 2017 the caretakers said the following:  At the age of 1year and 2months, she becomes more and more lovely; she smiles at her if her familiar caretaker calls her; she likes to sit on the baby walker and to look for children; she begins to learn crawling, but she doesn’t crawl for a long distant; she can grasp the toy around her and shake it, then she laughs happily. At the age of 1year and 4months, she can crawl freely, can crawl to her familiar caretaker, can crawl to the children and touch their face. When you turn on TV for her, she is so excited and watches TV carefully. When there is music, she waves her hands and stamps her feet excitedly and makes sounds of yiyiya, like singing.

In order to make her to have a better growth environment, on Aug 24, 2016, we sent her to a foster family hired by the welfare institute. Foster family likes this lovely girl very much and gives her the excellent care and love. She also adapts to the new environment quickly and builds the relationship with foster family. After she comes to the family for about one month, she recognizes her family. Foster mom asks her to clap hands, she knows to do; when she wants to take the object, she makes sounds of aa; she knows her name, laughs when called, so lovely. At the age of 1year and 8months, she is more capable; she can stand up with hands holding the support, can stand with hand held about 2-3 minutes; when it’s time for milk, foster mom passes the feeding bottle to her, she can drink with hands holding the feeding bottle, makes sounds of yiyiyaya when she drinks over, then she passes the bottle to foster mom. When foster mom speaks to her, she is able to understand, for example” where is sister? where is brother?, she turns to locate them. At home she enjoys when brother amuses her. Each day brother is back off school is her happiest thing. She is excited to shout when she meets brother, she also stretches her hands out to brother to ask for cuddle; she is happy to be cuddled by her family. She cries when she is cuddled by the stranger. On June 8, 2017, she had heart UCG examination and the result showed: CHD, atrial septal defect(secundum).





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