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Meet the Twins!

James and Joey are the first of two sets of twins born to their birth mother. All four children were adopted together by a family from the foster care system. Joey is the tallest of the boys. They were adopted 3 years ago along with the much younger other set of twins who are now age 5. James and Joey turned 11 two months ago.

Adopting four children together can be overwhelming for the best of parents. Although the state wanted to try to keep all of them together, it has not been possible for the adoptive parents to help the older boys make an adequate adjustment. James and Joey love each other and are strongly bonded together, so both boys need to be adopted together. The boys do not have this type of bond with the younger set of twins.

The adoptive mother has developed a health problem, and the stress of all 4 of the kids imitating each other began to cause her health to decline, making it even more difficult to mother the 4 boys.

James is a friendly, outgoing boy who seems to be a leader where ever he goes. He is the taller boy, and he makes friends easily.

He is close to being developmentally on track. James has received awards in school for his achievements. His teachers are impressed with his self-control and worth ethic. He is loved in school by his teachers. He has a lot of friends and is involved with friends in their previous homeschool group and now at school. He enjoys playing with Legos and and learning about the Marines. He thinks he might want to join the Marines someday. His youth pastor says that James smiles a lot and has a lot of friends.

Joey This past school year, out of 500 students, he received an award for “the Most Improved Student”. In school, he excels in Math and his reading skills are improving. Josh enjoys art and drawing. He does great when he has a sketch pad and can draw people and scenes.

Both boys have many similarities. They both enjoy attending church. They love sports, especially basketball. They both love pets and do well especially with the family dog.

Both boys do well with younger and older children and do well outside the home. The boys are very connected to each other. They have the ability to connect because they are so connected to each other, but they need active, loving, experienced new parents to help them connect to the rest of the family.

Both boys like doing chores.

When the boys first came, they had quite a few problems which have been successfully corrected with the loving guidance of their current mother and father. Their parents are part of a big adoption ministry, so they had training and experience in helping the boys gain in many areas.

Thankfully the children only had a couple other placements before their current adoption, so they were not bounced around like many foster kids

The boys have normal appetites. They still like sugary treats. James and Joey both love being outside. Their family hopes that they can be re-adopted by a family who lives in a rural farm, or at least a suburban area where they have the ability to use all their energy.

As you can see, these boys have a tremendous potential for success in a home that can manage adopting two boys at the same time. We do not want them in a home with any other children within 2 years of age 11. They are safe with younger children, but it must be emphasized that parents need to be available to these twins to help them achieve success. They are energetic and will likely always be very close to each other emotionally. However they need a healthy amount of becoming individuals.

If you are interested in learning more about these boys, please email us! We have copies of medical and other records we would like to share with you. Email [email protected] . This is a private adoption, so a state or foster home study might not work. A private domestic or international home study is generally required. Due to state laws, we are not able to place these children in FL, CT, MA, NV or DE.

Adoption is a legal process so there are costs for the adoption. Since there are 2 children, a family who pays taxes and earns under $200,000 a year will be eligible for 2 full tax credits, easily covering all the charges for this adoption.

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