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*** Update***

Sweet Hetty just received an update in August, 2019 with new photos and videos! You have got to watch her dance – it is the BEST!  Also get out your tissue when you watch her looking at a picture of a “mom” and she cries asking for a Mom.  Won’t you be her mom?!

  1. Does the hospital still think she has cerebral palsy? (Note: Wasatch does not believe the orphanage understood the question based on their response). We think she sometimes she can’t control her behavior. Before the class, she touches the children around her but with the help of the teacher she can manage her behavior very well.
  2. How are her language skills developing? Can she speak freely with her peers?

Although the language of Hetty is slow to develop, she can understand the instructions of the family and teachers and  can express her wishes through simple language and body language.

  1. Can she speak sentences of a few words?

She can speak sentences of 1-2 words to express her thoughts. (If she asks if she doesn’t eat, she will answer: “Eat.” Ask her if she wants to go to the bathroom, she will (ineligible)

  1. Is she going to school?

She attended the City Institute Special Education School. Her current level is in the middle class.

  1. What is she studying? Can she spell words, math, etc?

She is studying language, mathematics, art, music, sports, reading and regional play. In the language class, she worked very hard to learn new words with the teacher, and also recognized her five senses well. In math class, she can follow the teacher one by one and can complete the matching of pictures and objects. In the art class, she can draw a big bubble and actively cooperate with the teacher to carry out the activities; in the music class, she can dance with the music and dance very well; in the physical education class, running is a strong point; in the reading class she will read the book very seriously, and then point out what she saw with the teacher and other children; in the regional play class, she can actively play with the blocks and use the blocks to spell things they like.

  1. Does she interact with other children?

In the usual class, she will play happily with other children, such as playing with blocks and doing class exercises together. Actively interacst with other children during class.

  1. What is the difference in physical development between her and her peers?

Her athletic ability is very strong, she runs very fast, and her body is very strong. After watching a Tai Chi performance, she also learned by herself. Playing Tai Chi, learning ability is very strong.

  1. How is her intelligence compared to her peers?

Her intelligence is different from that of her normal peers. For example, in terms of learning, although her learning ability is a bit poor, she is always able to present a positive aspect of learning. She is the child with the strongest learning ability in the middle school of special education schools.

  1. Can she take care of her own clothes, potty, help with tasks, etc?

She is very good with self-care, she can take care of herself to wear clothes, can go to the toilet according to her own needs, can help to do simple tasks. For example she can organize the teaching aids that have been played, to help other children move the small chairs to the designated positions, and to throw garbage independently.




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Hetty is a pretty and determined girl who was born July of 2010.  Unfortunately as so often happens her file is 5 years without an update!  We are working on that and will post as soon as it is available.  Hetty’s diagnoses is cerebral palsy however her report from when she was four years old says that she is ble to walk freely by herself without any problems. At age four the development of her language abilities was lacking but she was pronouncing a few simple single syllable words.  At the end of 2013 she underwent a detailed brain CT examination and she was not found to have any cerebral problems.  Hetty’s caretakers say she is very fair and very cute. She normally smiles and if she is slightly played with, she will happily smile. She is however a little shy and timid. When she sees a stranger, she will be afraid, but with familiar people, she is rather affectionate. For example, when she sees the nannies who take care of her she will excitedly smile at the nannies and want them to hold her.  When alone, Hetty likes to play with toys and rag dolls.  At age four it is said that Hetty’s ability to take care of herself is mediocre. She could not dress herself or use a spoon although she could feed herself with her hands.  Please let us know if you are interested in seeing her new update when we receive it.  I can only imagine her progression in five years!

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