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Harrison was born in February of 2017.  He lives in a Grandmother Program.  His diagnoses are Down Syndrome and post-op CHD.  Harrison is doing great.  His report is from November of 2019 and says the following:  Harrison is able to walk alone and go upstairs and downstairs with hands holding handrails. He often walks back and forth in the activity room. He plays with children together. He is attached to the caretaker. He is active and outgoing, has a ready smile. His sense of security is getting better; he is not afraid of strangers. He often somersaults on the soft cushion in the activity room. He also stacks the cushions one by one and climbs up it, and then he jumps down. He has good self-care ability. He can put on trousers and shoes; he can have a meal with the spoon and drink water with the cup. He has a good appetite. He knows to help the caretaker to put away the tableware. He is a clever and lovely boy. He is not potty trained.

On June 28, 2018, he underwent the left; right cardiac catheterizations and percutaneous closure ductus arteriosus with general anesthesia.  The surgery was successful and he had good recovery. He now has a regular life and good physical development. He only has common diseases for children (e.g. upper respiratory tract infection), and he doesn’t suffer from any other major diseases. He does not have a food or drug allergy. At the age of 6 months, he can hold his head up while lying on the stomach; he can visually move follow the dropping toy; he laughs loudly when he is teased. At the age of 9 months, he can crawl; he crawls fast. At the age of 1 year, he can stand with help; he can walk back and forth with hands holding the handrails. He can grasp the handrail with one hand while pick up the toy with the other hand. He babbles to children. Now he can jump off the floor with feet; he has good gross motor development. He points to his five sense organs according the caretaker’s instructions. He can make sound of BIN BIN, haoye and XIE XIE. He can express goodbye by waving hands. He can dance with music and he keeps his smiles when dancing. His performance is outstanding.  Doesn’t he sound like a treasure to have as a son!

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