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Our attorney recently visited Hank and shared the following from April 5, 2019.   Hank is in 8th grade and is doing ok in school. His favorite subjects in school are computers and sports. His most difficult are math and biology. He studies English and is doing ok but was ashamed to show us what he knows. He goes to school regularly and is following the rules and discipline. He said he loves to go to school. Hank loves sports. He plays soccer and table tennis. He is in the local soccer team and goes to competitions often. He now trains fitness and is very keen on it. Hank has a lot of friends in school and in the neighborhood. He plays sports with his friends and they gather together and spend their free time together. He has to be home by 9.30 in the evening and he always follows that rule.  One of Hank’s favorite things are computers – he is very interested in programming and is learning alone how to do that by watching videos on Internet. At home, he is responsible for the computers – he is fixing them whenever needed, installing and preinstalling them, etc. When he grows up, he dreams of becoming a computer programmer.

Hank has visited many places in Bulgaria with his foster family. He shared that in the last 2 years they visited 2 winter resorts where he learnt to ski. In the hotels there were also swimming pools, where he was swimming. The town where they live is situated on a big river and in the summer the foster family brings Huan there for a beach and swimming. Hank said his foster father taught him how to swim. Hank also shared with us that he has never been at the Black sea. He said that he is ok with that as he prefers calm waters as river or pool, instead of the sea.

At home Hank helps with cleaning and ordering his room, and is responsible of taking care of the computers.

In the morning Hank wakes up at 7 am, dresses and goes to school by himself as the school is close and he lives in a small tow. He stays in school until about 1 pm and after that he goes home for lunch and goes to train from 2 pm to about 3.30 pm every day (either soccer or table tennis). Then, he comes home and prepares his homework for about an hour, and then has time for his computer or goes out with friends. Then, he has dinner at home and at about 9.30 he goes to bed.

Hank dreams of being adopted and having a good family but he has started to worry that this will not happen as he is getting older now.

His new video can be seen on the following link: https://youtu.be/DmkxmQxTcxM


Hank was born in September 2004.

Our information for the boy from his social worker is that he is very nice boy and that he does not create problems, that he likes school and goes regularly, and that he loves sports and especially soccer.

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