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Gemma is 16 years old.

Gemma is a calm, well-mannered and nice girl with a charming smile. During the time of our visit she was very kind and answered all our questions with readiness.
Gemma she is in 8th grade. She is smart girl, who needs to be motivated. Her biological family did not put her to school and Gemma started school when she was placed in Home for children deprived of parental care – they put her directly in 5th grade due to her age without taking under consideration that she missed from 1st to 4th grade. She has some difficulties in school as she has been neglected for too long but actually she likes to learn new things. She regularly attends school and we believe that with the right motivation, she can achieve a lot. Her favorite subject at school is sports, as most difficult she pointed out Math. She also likes geography. Her passion is cooking. She loves to cook everything from salads and main dishes to all types of desserts like cookies, cakes and etc. (she treated us with homemade pastry that she took part in cooking – pastry with Turkish delight and some butter biscuits. They were very delicious). Her dream is to become a cook, when she grows up. Gemma knows some words in English like green, orange, fish, apple, cat, and knows how to say her name. The staff said that Gemma is very tidy. She helps with putting on and cleaning the table, with washing the dishes and also helps during cleaning of the Center. In her free time she likes to play, talk to her friends and chat with friends on the computer, be outside to walk with friends and watch TV. She likes to listen to music and her favorite artist is Justin Bieber. She also likes sports. Her favorite sports are volleyball and basketball and she frequently plays these sports with friends after school. Gemma is very communicative girl. She has a lot of friends from school and from the Center. Gemma also likes to dance and attend traditional dances lessons every week and she is good in that.
The people that work at the Center describe Gemma as a good and tidy child. She bathes every day and keeps neat and clean appearance.
My opinion is that Gemma develops well for her age. She is a very smart girl with big potential! I believe that she would not have problem with the education and lessons if somebody works with her. She needs somebody to believe in her and to motivate her. She is a lovely child, who dreams of having parents. Gemma was abandoned, left to the mercy of fate, without people who love her or whom to love, without love, and not understanding why she was left. She is intelligent child but she was neglected for a long time. She has real idea for herself. Also has realistic objective for her life. She knows that she is too old for adoption, but still dreams and hopes to be found a family for her!  Gemma shared that she has already overcome the fact that both her parents and grandparents abandoned her. I hope to be found a lovely family for this smart and charming girl, who will accept her in their hearts and home and will give her love, care and support! Gemma deserves to have a family and to live in warm and lovely family environment!
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