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The England Grant of $2500 may be available for qualifying families.

Individualized grant funding for qualifying families may be available through our President’s Grant.  Contact us for more details!

In addition to the WIA grants, Faith has $5,000 in guaranteed grant money available.


This sweetheart is Faith. She was born in June of 2014.  We received an update for her just this November of 2019 and this is one time we are NOT happy to receive new information.  Faith used to look like the smiling girl with sparkling eyes in the green dress who was babbling, crawling and making eye contact as seen in the videos below from 2017.  At that time, Faith was being taken care of in an amazing private foster facility.  Then two years ago she was forced to be returned to her original orphanage.  This orphanage is known for letting children lie in their beds.  It is also known for its lack of care of the children.  Look at Faith’s current photo and video to see what has happened to her during the two years she has been institutionalized.  Not only has she not improved but she has digressed!  While Faith has several unknowns with regard to her special needs, we do know that when she was in the foster facility she was making strides in all areas and there was much hope for her success.  PLEASE won’t someone rescue her from this place and give her the love and attention so she can become the best version of herself!!

11-19 Video:

Notice the digression in the video above compared to how she was doing in the videos below two years ago.


Faith is 2 and has some delays. She has an orphanage grant of $6000 for her adoption+ a generous donor has offered $1000 once the adoptive families receives LOA. Until just recently, she has been in the wonderful foster care of Grace Village. She was making incredible progress there (see update below from last year), but that sadly has appeared to have stopped once she went back to the orphanage. It is absolutely heartbreaking! This girl desperately needs a family that will love her!!

Faith can crawl and walk with her hand held. She plays with other children, but she prefers to be close to caregivers.

We have seen her make tremendous progress since entering our foster home (she was at Grace Village until just recently). When she first came to us at the age of two, she couldn’t sit up and she would not make eye contact or respond to any instructions or voices. Now she loves and responds to love. She interacts with her ayi and will play with toys.

She can sit and she can stand holding onto something or with her hips being held for support. She cannot walk. She still does not crawl properly, but will sit on her knees and pull herself forward with her hands on the floor, like a hoping motion, when she wants to move around. She does not feed herself, but is a good eater. She can go from laying to sitting up on her own. She is non verbal, but will babble to her ayi either to “talk” or to respond to being spoken to. She loves to be held, she loves to be cuddled and to cuddle. She loves for her ayi to sing to her. She loves music! She loves to go outside for stroller rides, and she loves to sit in her ayi’s lap and be read to–looking intently at the book’s pages. She has a playful and loving personality.

Faith is active and lovely. At the age of 7-8 months, the child likes objects with bright colors, and understand the facial expression of adults, if you talk to her with smile, the child will be happy. She can babble, and the child likes toys hanging in bed, and the child likes aunt cuddled her.

Grant funding available to qualifying families up to $2500
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