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Evan and Wyatt


Meet Evan and Wyatt!

*Evan, age 6 and Wyatt, age 11 were adopted internationally last summer (June ’19).  Second Chance and the boys’ family agree that a new family should have no other children between the ages of 4-13 (with maybe one child younger than 4).  The boys would do best in a family that is structured and scheduled rather than laid back and too relaxed.  Second Chance also requires the new adoptive family to have a current (or easily updated) homestudy.  Write to [email protected] and ask to see the boys’ full profiles, and learn why these boys deserve a Second Chance.

Evan is a child who takes pride in doing a good job.  He is meticulous in folding and putting away his own laundry.  He has good manual dexterity and enjoys using his imagination to build things with Legos—he will spend hours happily building with Legos, or building blocks and can entertain himself nicely.  He is physically strong and always eager to work alongside someone else to master new skills.  He is athletic and enjoys playing sports, especially soccer.  Evan’s parents told us that he knows right from wrong and respects boundaries.  He really thrives on positive verbal reinforcement.  Evan wakes up happy and wanting to go do things.  His adopted parents say he is eager to learn, strives for independence with daily activities such as showering, dressing, brushing teeth, and washing face and hands.  He is in excellent physical health having had all his dental issues taken care of.  He is a happy child who is excited about life and smiles a lot.  He is alert, engaged in life, talkative, affectionate and excited about life.

Wyatt is a bright, kind-hearted, genuine boy who appreciates (and remarks on) the finer things in life like good clothing, autumn colors, blooming flowers, and delicious foods.  He is physically strong with high athletic prowess especially for soccer and running.  He enjoys hands-on work like house cleaning and helping in the kitchen and works hard to complete tasks thoroughly and with meticulous attention to detail.  He freely and genuinely expresses gratitude to those around him for their efforts toward him.  He knows right from wrong and is more and more often making the right daily decisions.  He is social, enjoying his family and school.  Wyatt is affectionate and loving and generous with compliments to others.  He has faith in his abilities to learn and succeed and recently, as he was struggling to learn something from a world map, matter-of-factly stated, “But, I know I can learn it!”.

The current adopted family does not have pets, but they report that the boys are curious and gentle when interacting with pets at the park or other situations.  

The boys attend a French Catholic private school. In the adoptive home, they speak primarily English, but in school for 30 hours a week, only French is spoken.  They have been taught British table manners: sit up straight, napkin in the lap, fork in left hand, knife in right.  

Both Evan and Wyatt do best with structure and routine rather than laid back.  But they are also comfortable with sleeping in on the weekends and relaxed Sundays.  

This is a private adoption, so a state or foster home study might not work. A state authorized private domestic or international home study is generally required. You will need to have a current, or easily-updated home study for this adoption.  Due to state laws, we are not able to place this child in CT, MA, NY or DE. If you live in OR, you may need to travel to the child’s state for finalization of the adoption. If you have never had a home study before, we cannot help you adopt this child.  But we would love to share with you the process of starting a home study so you could be approved for a child in the near future.  Please write to us and ask us how to get started!

Adoption is a legal process so there will be costs associated. This adoption may qualify for the IRS Adoption Tax Credits.

Contact us at [email protected]

*To protect the privacy of our waiting children and their families, Second Chance does not share real names for our waiting children on the Internet.  It is our policy to only share a snippet of a waiting child’s details as well as the type of adoptive family we are looking for.  If you fit the POSTED REQUIREMENTS, are home study ready (or can be soon!), and interested in adding these children to your family, please write to us for honest, in-depth profiles on each child including medical, educational, and behavioral information and learn the full story of why thesechildren needs a secondary adoption.  Our program social worker and program director have worked together with the children’s family to carefully set the requirements for the new family.  These requirements are not negotiable, so please honor the needs of these children by not asking us to bend them for you.



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