Deanna – Placed


Meet Deanna!

Deanne has recently turned 11 years old.

She loves school and does well with the teachers and other kids. She is well liked in school.

Deanna loves to swim, loves boating, and the beach. She is good with younger children. She should be able to go into a home where there is a younger child. We would not want her in a home where there is another child within 2 years of her age 11.

Please email us back if you would like to see copies of this child’s medical and other records and learn more about her. Email [email protected]

This is a private adoption, so a state or foster home study might not work. A state authorized private domestic or international home study is generally required. Due to state laws, we are not able to place this child in NY, CT, MA, or DE.

Adoption is a legal process so there are some costs for the adoption including travel to her home state for a couple days to bring her home.  This adoption qualifies for the IRS Adoption Tax Credit.

Contact us at [email protected]


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