Dean was born in April 2005. He is physically and mentally healthy.

For 2 years after his birth Dean lived with his parents and then, they left him to the cares of his grandmother until her death in 2013. He shared that he was happy with his grandmother, that he was cooking very well and that he often was outside riding his bike.
Dean is a well-intentioned child, who does not cause problems. He gets along well with the rest of the children in the orphanage and in the school.
During our visit Dean presented as very well behaved and smiling child. He answered in an adequate way and with good manners to all our questions and even alone asked us several questions.
conversation he wanted us to like him and to present as well as possible.Dean just finished sixth grade and will be in seventh grade. He said that his favorite subject is math. He shared that he does not have a most difficult subject at school. At school he has English classes and he showed us how he can count to 10.
In his spare time Dean likes to play outside with his friends. Most often they play soccer or hide-and-seek. He said that his favorite is the soccer. He plays in the team of the orphanage and told us about several competitions they played in, and about the last one that they also won! He said that he plays in defense. He also likes to go for walk. Dean shared that he has many friends both in the orphanage and in school and that his best friend is a boy from his school.
Dean said that he also likes to watch TV – he likes to watch Sponge Bob square pants and Hawaii Five-0. He also likes to read books. He read for us and did perfect job.
He said he is not scared of anything : ). Then, he shared that he is afraid of snakes and later on during the conversation he shared that he has seen snakes several times.
Dean shared that he likes it when they go to camps in the summer. They go to the Black sea and to the mountain. He said that he likes both but prefers the sea. Dean also likes to swim and ride bicycle.

When he grows up he wants to be a constructor/builder, to build houses and apartments. When I asked what else he thinks he can work if he cannot be a constructor, he said that he would like to produce different things/goods. He likes to draw, so he can also become an architect.
On the question if he wants to be adopted and to have his own family, he answered with big smile “yes”. He said that he would love to have brothers and sisters in his family.

This boy really needs someone who will love him unconditionally and will provide him secure and stable life, a life in which he can flourish and develop and become a mature and productive person. I think that if Dean has the chance to live in familial environment, he has the potential to develop his skills and achievements. Dean is a good child who wants to be accepted and liken by the others. I am sure that he will be the happiest boy if his forever family finds him!!!

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