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Darling Daphne was born in August of 2014. She seems to be a happy little girl.  Her diagnoses are multi-joint contracture, knee joint dislocation and double vertical talus.  An update from March of 2018 says the following: Daphne is the same as normal children except for the bone issue. Besides her special needs, everything else looks good, like other normal kids. In Jan. 2017, Daphne was allocated to receive medical treatment in the Children Care Service Centre.  She cannot stand up, but half squat when walking. She has received surgery for her  Double vertical talus in June and August, 2017 respectively, followed by leg cast for 6 months. Since Dec.25, 2017,she has put on the correction shoes, in case of bone deformity. After recovering for some time, we found that she walked and stood up better. We would like her to receive correction surgery for her knee joint dislocation in the future, as well as surgery for her elbows and hand joints. As for intelligence and other aspects of health, Daphne is similar with other kids of the same age. She can communicate well with others, put on /take off clothes, go to the toilet, etc. She eats well, never picky of food. She is very smart, and understands what caretakers say. When she saw other younger kids crying, she would give them toys. Sometimes, she is a good girl, sharing toys with others; sometimes, she is stubborn, grabbing toys with others. She is quite sensitive, particularly when talking about her condition, she would cry. When you don’t meet her needs, she would cry, too. However, she is easy to please, e.g. snacks.  Sometimes, she is not afraid of strangers, and likes to be held. When staying with her caretakers and other kids, she is very active, running here and there, grabbing toys, listening to the music, or maybe dancing. She likes to stay with people, reading, listening to stories, painting, doing handcraft together, etc. Her speech is not very good, but she can understand yours words. She can speak simple words, or copy what others say. Doesn’t she sound like a delightful addition to your family?

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