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This is cheerful Carmen who is also a little shy. She was born March of 2008.  Her special need is tympanitis of both eyes and estropia of the left eye.  She is also considered delayed.  A report from July of 2019 says the following:  Carmen is an introverted and shy little girl.  She stands far away behind the kids every time she sees a stranger. She smiles if someone calls her name.  She greets her aunt or teacher very positively and calls hello.  She is also timid.  She feels nervous after seeing a new person or a new object being used in an outdoor activity.  She will pull on the caretakers hand and say “I am not scared” but she continues to hold the caretaker’s hand tightly.  She has strong self-management. She washes up and dresses nicely after waking up.  She makes her bed and also helps her littler sisters put on clothes and shoes.  She will also wash their faces and accompany them to use the bathroom.  She often helps the caretaker do what she can, such as cleaning the floor, washing the bowls etc.  Currently she attends the special education school in the welfare institute. She looks sideways sometimes when looking at some objects. She can see something near and far clearly however. She likes drawing and playing with Playdoh in the class. She watches the teacher closely when she shows everyone in the class how to form the playdoh.  Carmen can tell the teacher “I do not understand” if she has difficulty. She will listen carefully to the teacher until she masters it.  She likes riding a scooter very much. She has good balance. She can call to her friend to “chase me” excitedly. She likes running down the hill, sliding and shouting happily. She recognizes numbers 1-10 and can write 1-10 however she does not write well and her handwriting is “crooked.”  Still she goes to class and she tries.  She recognizes common shapes, triangles and a rectangle. She can recognize red, yellow and blue. Be sure to watch her videos to see all the things she can do!


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